The native tract of the Gir breed is the area around forests of Gir including Junagadh, Bhavnagar, Rajkot and Amreli districts of Gujarat. Gir cows are good milk producers. Bullocks can drag heavy loads on all kinds of soils, be it sandy, black or rocky. It is docile in nature. It is one of the three BEST milch breed of India. It has contribution in developing other indigenous breeds like Deoni, Nimari etc.

Morphological Features 


Three strains of Gir cattle can be found, The coat colour of Gir animals varies from shades of red and white to almost black and white or entire red.

Horn Shape & Size:

Horns are peculiarly curved. Starting at the base of the crown they take a downward and backward curve and again incline a little upward and forward taking a spiral inward sweep, Finally ending in a fine taper- thus giving a half moon appearance.

Long and pendulous ears folded like a leaf. Ears hang all the time and their inside face forward.

It is a hardy animal and can survive and produce in difficult environment. Gir is a world-renowned breed known for its tolerance to stress conditions. Having faced scarcity for a numbers of years, it has the capacity for yielding more milk with less feeding and is resistant to various tropical diseases. It has been imported by Brazil, USA, Venezuela and Mexico, and bred there successfully.


Average 500-540 Kg in Males and 300-350 Kg in Females

Milk Production:

It produces around 2000-2200 Kg in lactation. The milk fat percentage is around 4-5%.